Monday, 3 December 2012

Yeh Dil Mange Votes:)

Gee !! I feel like a politician contesting the assembly election. Since I feel like one, here is my election speech:

My Dear fellow bloggers. Greetings in the name of the plethora of gods present in our country and elsewhere. Without their blessings we would not have have been able to write and have our own blogs.
Compared to my experienced brothers and sisters on the indiblog site, I am just a novice. I have entered this blog portal constituency with a vision. A vision where every aam aadmi  gets an opportunity to read my story  which is  filled with love, forgiveness, second chances and humour.
We are living in the world of chicklit, terror and hit lists. So why not grab a chance at reading a wholesome love story that is sure to tug at your heart strings.

Think about this, what would you prefer to do when you read a story? Yawn or  smile and say. " wow that story made my day. I feel so refreshed and full of positive vibes."
Well if you chose the second option, then please go to the following link and cast your precious votes.

I am not promising you a kilo of potatoes or free one year subscription for Dish TV or any  another cable of your choice. All I am promising is that after you cast your votes and help me publish my story, you will feel great and be blessed with an opportunity to read more of my stories in print.

So friends come join hands with me and let us walk on the path towards  freedom of reading good old love stories again.

Jai Hind and may the Gods continue to bless your blogging skills.


  1. ;)

    Really I felt very funny after reading it...exactly same as you promised in way of politicians....BTW I voted for your post on Indiblogger.... keep writing and entertain us through your posts....

  2. Hey gal in city, thanks:) Yep will continue to entertain through my posts..