Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Mist

( Image is copy right free and taken from wiki commons)

White feathery wisps cold and numbing,

Wrap themselves around me absorbing,

Slowly and steadily they surround

And into my being they hound.

Clear thought loses coherence,

And go frenzied sans adherence.

I open my mouth to speak,

But onto my knees I fall down weak.

I grope and crawl desperately seeking,

With great howls my voice shrieking,

In utter shock I realize I was drowning,

Sucked into the whiteness rapidly advancing.

The White demon makes a final move

Triumphant laughter in its wake to prove,

His hold over me tightens

And my senses in terror heightens.

I stood there held in a vice like grip,

When with one mighty heave I slip,

Breaking his hold I fall

Onto bright sunshine in a sprawl.

I look up in stony defiance

Proud of my non-compliance

He just gave a mysterious smile

Whispering , “ stay free for a while”

And as he slowly lifted above me,

I could clearly see,

My respite was only for awhile,

For I knew he will return from exile.....

A Sensual Experience

Cooking for me is a sensual experience. And when I say sensual, it does not pertain to sex. Its sensual, because every sense organ in my body, is tuned to the dish that I prepare and later partake.
The sense of touch is evoked as I touch, feel,cut, sprinkle, and mix the ingredients of a vegetable and fruit salad . As any modern household, mine has a four burner gas stove too. So I fine tune my ear, to a musical symphony of mustard seeds crackling, vegetables sliding into hot oil with a hiss, sambar bubbling, and the pressure cooker hooting its whistle. And as the aroma rises, I inhale and take a deep breath, closing my eyes in anticipation of how it would taste.
A visual treat meets my eye, as I set the table. Colours blend, the greens, yellows, reds,browns and white, all set there , inviting and ready to partake. I set the food on my plate, and when I place the first morsel in my mouth, my taste buds eagerly lap up the profusion of tangy, salty and spicy tastes of my offering.
A smile on my lips and a glow in my heart, I finish up my culinary treat and heave a satiated sigh, basking in the afterglow of a sensual experience.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Lonely heart

( image taken from google images)

A lonely heart once said, " I am scared to come out of my shell",
"Lest I don't find a place to dwell".
But,her mates, cajoled her and said, " fly thee my lass",
"Find your mate, else your life will just pass".

She  flew over the nether land , and came onto this sparkling earth, 
Were she searched for another who was worth.
She knocked on the doors of many,
Yet could not find one that she could accompany.

Forlorn, she spread her wings ready to fly,
When she fluttered and let out a soft sigh.
She felt someone touch her gently,
Turning she looked into guileless eyes staring at her intently.

He held out his hand and she trustingly gave hers,
Not knowing that one day his lips would slew forth slurs.
But, until then they grew, intertwined in the bloom of love,
Which held them together like a tight glove.

But, alas! the wheels of time bought in its wake,
misunderstandings, judgements and heart  aches.
What she believed would be abiding and true,
Ended all too quickly when he bid her adieu.

She cajoled, screamed, pleaded in vain,
"Stay with me ", she cried in pain.
But, without a back ward glance he withdrew,
Leaving her shattered,  cold and blue.

Picking up the pieces of her broken heart,
She decided to make a fresh start.
With steely eyed determination she flew away,
Smiling and refusing to whittle away.

A First time

( this image is copy right free and taken from wiki commons)

There is always a first time for everything :) And this is the first time that I have ever thought of blogging. And so I asked my daughter to help me out and  here I am.
Our life begins with our first breath, a first cry and the first drop of mother's milk, and for the not so lucky the first drop of tinned milk. And slowly as we tune in to our surroundings, we experience our first in everything. So what is special about , a first time?
I believe that  the element of mystery, curiosity, expectation, experimentation ( I could think of a few more adjectives, but I will leave that for you to fill in) is what  drives human kind to take the first step or experiment with anything for the first time. The comparison arises when the degree of first time varies between people. Some brave and adventurous types will plunge with a never say die attitude and holler out, " Hey that was my first time, and I was glad i did it". While other meek and submissive types will think of many first times, but sadly suppress them and never achieve or taste the success or failure of taking that bold step.
I cannot act for others, but I will never hesitate to go for it for the first time. I dont care if i achieve success or happiness, but atleast I tried and was not scared.
And through my blog .I know for sure,  I will inspire  as well as be inspired  by the  like minded and the different minded . So here's looking to a energising, enterprising, interesting, thought provoking and cheerfull sharing of ideas for the very first time on my blog, between you and me....... :)