Friday, 30 November 2012

Shop but dont Stop- Ethnic Chic Wear

Ayesha Silver Diamante Studded Heart Bangle- Item Number: 6824443_9999

Ayesha- Clear Crystal Floral Necklace- Item Number: 6824264_9999
Kashish Chiffon Jacquard Saree-  Item Number: 7292146_9900
Haute Curry Clutch- Item Number-  6891290_9106
Ayesha Chandelier Black Earrings- Item Number: 6824303_9999

Lemon Ladies Footwear- Item Number: 6532221_9208
Fossil Women's Watch- Item Number: 6570764_9999

OK I have to admit I am not a Fashion Designer., but when I saw the Shopper's Stop Perfect Festive Look contest,  I was mighty thrilled.  I was now been given an opportunity to showcase my fashion sense sans fashion shows or models. I chose to go with an ethnic style and chose a Chiffon Jacquard saree from Kashish. Stitch a sleeveless blouse or with sleeves according to your preference. Have a deep neck at the back with a cute bow.

I wanted the accessories to be in silver or gun metal to compliment the colour of the saree which was a wineish- pinkish colour. I did not want too many embellishments, so I chose light weight jewellery, to compliment the rich border of the saree. I chose Ayesha's collection of bangle, earrings and  necklace. Next came the clutch which was the colour of champagne and was from Haute Curry. I wanted the watch to be sleek and slim so I went in for a Fossil women's watch. Finally I chose footwear which had a touch of gun metal in  them and chose Lemon Ladies footwear.

Phew! by the time I finished my ensemble, I was tired , but victorious with my virtual mix and match shopping spree.

So go head don my selections and get set to hit the ethnic chic button to a top 10:)

Happy shopping..:)


  1. loved the products :) I selected the clutch my self. Good luck for competition. Let me know how my collection is at