Monday, 4 February 2013

Of Sense and Sensibility

The dictionary describes the meaning of sense in its verb form as: to perceive, understand, comprehend and realise.  Similarly the meaning of sensibility is described in its verb form as: A person's delicate sensitivity that makes them readily offended or shocked.

So every time we voice our thoughts or act, we need to think about the audience.  We do have freedom of speech, but it ceases to be free when our words hurt or affect the sensibilities of the listener.

And of late, I find that the so called upholders of our great democratic nation are leaving no stone unturned in enlightening us with their free speech. Given below are some examples of great wisdom that have been spewing forth after the Delhi gang rape.


  • ‘Rapes don’t happen in Bharat, they only happen in India.’ (Oh yeah! Where does Mr. Bhagwat and his cadre who stroll around in their short half pants that has western outfit written all over it, live? Maybe Mr. Bhagwat could demarcate the border and help us out. We women folk could all go there and lead a rape free life.)

  •          ‘Like Sita, if women cross the Lakshman Rekha, they will be abducted by Ravana.’ (Gee!! One more task for me and my ilk. We will now have to save our maryada and set limits for ourselves.  Else great men like Kailash Vijayvargiya, will not be able to help us, but will readily reprimand us and say, ‘Hey you crossed your limits hence you deserved the rape, molestation, stalking and brutality’.)
  •    ‘All the 6 rapists of the Delhi gang rape are Bihari’s.’ (OK, this implies that Bihari men are a sexually deprived lot. Hmmm!!  Mr. Raj Thackeray, shall we send the Bihari men to Bharath, so that Mr. Bhagwat could train them? But before we send them there, what about the sexual offenders in your own party? Don’t tell me you have Bihari’s in your party and have started following the dictum that all Indians are your brothers and sisters?)
  •   ‘Marriage is a contract, husband provides and restrict women only to household work’ (And I was under the illusion that marriage was about love and give and take.  Foolish me!! So all ye women get ready to only  cook, clean, breed, milk the cows, make cow dung cakes, satisfy your husband, (because marital rape is not recognized as rape by our constitution) and most important maintain your maryada, else you  will tempt men to become Bihari’s)
  • ‘The Kolkata rape case is not rape, it’s a deal gone wrong between the client and the lady’ (Why do we need enemies when we have our very own female Ravana in the garb of Ms. Kakoli?

P.S:  To all Women,  once  you step out of home collect your rakhi’s from the vending machines provided by Bapu  Asaram and don’t forget to chant the Gayathri mantra . These are proven rape deterrents.

The list is endless and one could go on penning these bigoted thoughts which   cast a slur on a nation famous for its mysticism and goddesses. Sadly the moral police have lost their morality and we as a society have forgotten our values.  And the scapegoat for our moral degradation is the decadent western influence.  Thus, the western dress is responsible for rape, western culture for divorce, western movies for killings and violence. And we poor Indians are so vulnerable, clueless and gullible, that the western noose is having a field day and is tightening its grip on us.

How long will we continue to blame the west? Isn’t it high time that we take moral and ethical responsibilities for our own wrong doings? Each one of us have the capability to understand what sense and nonsense is, so why can’t we put these faculties to use?  Why should we heed those who affect the sensibility of our nation and its people? Remember that these people would not be there if it was not for our vote and support.  So the onus lies with each one of us  to  either clap for / or castigate those who affect our  sense and sensibilities.

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